Avani Holiday Products provides a variety of premium Christmas trees, décor and custom greenery to our retail customers. As a vertically integrated farm and sales company, Avani is able to offer high end, florist quality products at competitive prices. Our service, selection and commitment to customer satisfaction are second to none. Avani will meet your holiday evergreen needs with the highest quality items delivered to you when you need them.


We offer trees, décor and other products in:

• Noble Fir

• Douglas Fir

• Fraser Fir

• Grand Fir


Christmas Trees

Freshness, longevity, quality and minimal needle drop: These are the bywords of Avani Holiday Products’ Christmas trees. Our trees will entice your customers with their freshness, shape and aroma. We provide a full selection of trees for every taste, including: Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Grand and Concolor Fir.


From Table Tops to Ceiling-scrapers

Avani Holiday Products’ trees come in a range of sizes, everything from three-foot tabletops to ten-foot ceiling-scrapers. We source our trees from high quality growers in Oregon, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.


Wreaths, Swags, Kissing Balls & More

Avani Holiday Products offers wreaths, swags, kissing balls and other products in more than 100 styles and sizes. Our décor is a cut above in appearance, quality and durability thanks to superior workmanship and materials. Our rings range from 12 to 72 inches and are available both plain and decorated. Avani decorates with a wide selection of quality pics that stay put and high-end ribbons that stand up. Got a custom job? Avani customizes rings up to 72 inches and other products.


Noble Fir

Avani Holiday Products offers décor in Noble Fir, the king of holiday evergreens. What makes Noble Fir special? Its perfect bottlebrush branches make décor more three dimensional, giving it a fluffier, fuller, richer look. A wreath made of Noble Fir shows like no other. And then there is Noble Fir’s remarkable durability. Noble Fir décor retains its needles months after the last New Year’s toasts, making it ideal for indoor decorating.  Adding to Noble Fir’s appeal is its lush green appearance and pleasant aroma. Your customers can enjoy the regal Noble Fir in all Avani décor.


Fraser Fir

Avani Holiday Products also uses Fraser Fir for décor. Fraser Fir’s needle retention is good, making it an excellent choice for outdoor use. Like its more upscale cousin, Noble Fir, Fraser Fir’s bottlebrush shape gives décor a more robust appearance, and it has a wonderful green color and fragrance. All Avani décor is available in Fraser Fir.



Avani Holiday Products offers five types of premium garlands for staircases, mantelpieces and tables. Garlands are available in Noble Fir and other evergreens.


Specialty Décor

Need a specialty item? Avani Holiday Products offers high quality stars, candy canes, crosses and centerpieces. All are made of premium Noble Fir, giving them durability and great needle retention.

Bulk Greens

Avani Holiday Products’ greens are available in bulk packs for customers wishing to make their own décor.


Hassle Free Shipping

With Avani Holiday Products, there’s no tedious shipping, no annoying payment upon delivery. We handle transport from farm to retail floor, including all costs in one easy invoice.


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